Five skin care tips that teenagers should stick to

Stress at school, cute boys that turn your head, violent mood swings and annoying parents who want something from you all the time – phew the teenage years are at least as strenuous as exciting and as if that weren’t enough, the beauty plays too still crazy. Thanks to the hormones!

In addition to smelly T-shirts and sudden hairs that sprout everywhere, most adolescents have problems with their skin : shining pimples on the forehead, nose and chin encounter a shiny all-over grease film (hormones stimulate sebum production 😡), which is anything but Looks like Instagram. But don’t worry – with the right care tips you can get a good grip on skin problems and prevent impurities.

Five skin care tips that teenagers should stick to 1

These are the best care tips for teenagers

1. Clean face

What is thoughtlessly part of the daily care routine for women is completely new for teenagers – but should also urgently be part of the beauty program. Of course we are talking about cleaning the face or “ cleansing ” as it is so beautifully called in English. This step is also important if you are not yet wearing make-up, because cleansing milk and the like rid the skin of dirt and excess sebum, inhibit bacterial growth and refine coarse pores. Important: Please do not use cleaning wipes because they only spread the bacteria over the face.

Shopping tip:  Pay attention to the mildest possible products that do not contain perfumes and are free of oils. In addition, antibacterial agents score points that fight pimples. Our favorite: micelle water!

2. Don’t forget facial toner

After the cleansing ritual, Teeanger with impure skin should also use a clarifying facial toner. This is simply applied to a cotton pad and gently rubbed over the face.

Shopping tip: Salicylic acid is the go-to ingredient for blemished skin because it has an antibacterial effect and helps prevent pimples.

3. Match skin cream to skin type

Every skin is different – while some struggle with rough spots and dryness, others tend to have oily skin and pimples. Therefore, your daily cream must be tailored to your personal needs. Dry skin should rely on moisturizing creams, for example, while blemished skin needs oil-free, mattifying, yet moisturizing care.

4. Additional care

Skin care tips Fine-grained peels remove excess sebum as well as skin flakes and skin gloss once or twice a week. (Warning: peels should never be rubbed over open, inflamed pimples!) Clear-up strips or anti-pimple patches also keep the T-zone clean and refine the pores

Extra tip:  If you tend to sensitive skin , you should put on a moisturizing, soothing mask once or twice a week.

5 . Do not exaggerate

Cleansing milk, facial tonic, day cream, peeling – more is not necessary for young skin and also makes no sense at all. Those who take care of the skin mess up the natural protective layer, which can lead to even more impurities. Many different care substances also irritate the skin and promote inflammation. Less is more for teenagers – choosing the right products with good ingredients doesn’t need more than four to five products.

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